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    Simple Sarongs were developed by Kami Darnell, a mom.  When she and her young son were at the pool, she was constantly grabbing her beach towel and dry off quickly while grabbing snacks, going to the bathroom, etc.  She would then try to wrap it quickly, and it would just fall off. Plus, it just wasn’t a good look!   

    After lots of frustration, she finally had a lightbulb moment and asked herself, “What if a beach towel had buttons and buttons holes on it so that you could easily wrap and secure?”  Suddenly she was on to something that many women would want to have and use.

    But simply taking existing towels and adding buttons and buttonholes wasn’t good enough.  She also wanted to develop the truly perfect towel!  People first may notice the fashionable designs, but then they quickly notice how it feels - super soft, yet incredibly lightweight.  It doesn’t add bulk, yet dries nice and fast.  Even the size of the towel is completely custom – making it both a luxury-sized towel, and the perfect-sized sarong wrap.

    Simple Sarongs were discovered by O, the Oprah Magazine, and since then have given thousands of women of all ages and sizes POOL SIDE CONFIDENCE with its clever placement of buttons and buttonholes that easily transforms into a flattering and versatile cover-up.  With the multiple buttonholes, it gives you the option to wear it multiple ways to flatter you the best, and adjusts to fit many sizes. 

    At its heart, it can be used every single day.  Wear it now at the pool and beach, and wear it year-round in the bathroom as a spa wrap to keep you cool and covered while getting ready.

    We feel that women deserve something cute and flattering when they getting in and out of the water – whether using it at home, at the pool, at the gym or at the beach. 


    Want to see and hear more about my story?  Check out this feature by ABC-Detroit WXYZ as part of their "Mom's a Genius" series!